Our Design-Build Process


By working with First Class and choosing our Design-Build service for your project, you will be getting the best that the industry has to offer!

We will begin by using our Design-Build “Roadmap”, a thorough and easy to follow guide for your project from start to finish, effectively taking us from conception to completion.

We are very creative, detail-oriented and have over 25 years of experience in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Design/Build construction. Ultimately, we will save you time and money with excellent communication, creativity and craftsmanship.

Eliminating a separate third party will improve communication decisions and the length of your project.

The Design-Build process is also beneficial in getting upfront, accurate costs for your project and an accurate timeline to build it.


Our Design-Build Features and Benefits




Our Design-Build “Roadmap”

Communication is improved.

Everyone is on the same page.

Updated schedule.


Computer-Aided Design

A clear, detailed design.

3D views.


One-Stop Shop

One company to deal with.

More efficient.



A clear path from start to finish.

Better quality product.

Less of your time wasted.

Easily see progress.


Visualize your project, then build.

Feel comfortable with your choices.

Less surprises.



Saves you time and money.

Experience less stress.